Robert Kurson is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, including his 2004 debut, Shadow Divers, the true story of two Americans who discovered a World War II German U-boat sunk 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey. Kurson began his career as an attorney, graduating from Harvard Law School and practicing real estate law. Kurson’s professional writing career began at the Chicago Sun-Times, where he started as a data entry clerk. In 2000, Esquire published “My Favorite Teacher,” his first magazine story, which became a finalist for a National Magazine Award. He moved from the Sun-Times to Chicago Magazine, then to Esquire, where he won a National Magazine Award and was a contributing editor for years. His other New York Times bestsellers include Crashing Through (2007), Pirate Hunters (2015), and his latest, Rocket Men (2018), which tells the astonishing story of Apollo 8, mankind’s first journey to the Moon. He lives in Chicago.

Additional Writing

My Favorite Teacher
Esquire Magazine, 2000

Heavy: The Largest Man on Earth
Chicago Magazine, 2001

The Bully of Toulon
Chicago Magazine, 2002

Into the Light
Esquire Magazine, 2005

Curators Under the Sea
New York Times, 2007

Obama: Run-ins With Mr. Cool 
Esquire Magazine, 2008

Storytelling Secrets, Outlining Tricks, and How I Became a Writer 
Writing Routines, 2018